NBA Stars Challenged To ‘Ball On A Budget’ By Chime

In the modern NBA culture, players’ off-court style is almost as notable as their in-game performances. From Wizards’ forward Kyle Kuzma giving every player tunnel the runway treatment to the crowning of rising star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as basketball’s next style icon, the game has become about more than just how good your jumper looks.

We’re in an era of the league where aesthetics hold weight and fans can relate to their favorite players in a way that brings value to these high-level athletes outside of their gameplay–though, I would still argue the important thing is that the ball goes in the hoop.

As professional basketball grows to include more than the simple x’s and o’s, venturing into territory where players’ tastes matter, the age-old question remains: does money equal style?

Let’s be honest. While some players have a high-level style acumen to match their game, others can only pull off these noteworthy fits thanks to that multi-year extension they secured in the off-season. That’s why our friends at Chime® are here to champion the real purveyors of style.

Chime’s “Ball On A Budget” series, hosted by menswear consultant and basketball’s go-to stylist Courtney Mays, premiered on March 15 and challenged current NBA stars to create a tunnel-worthy fit for less. Equipped with just $300, their own accessories, and a solidified sense of personal style, Dallas Mavericks’ JaVale McGee and Tim Hardaway Jr., Timberwolves’ star center Karl-Anthony Towns, and Jalen Green of the budding Houston Rockets all stepped up to the task.

Giving out their best tips and tricks for smart money management, this cast of style-savvy hoopers curated stand-out looks authentic to their tastes without breaking the bank. From vintage denim and classic kicks to staple outerwear pieces, each athlete stepped out with that poised swagger synonymous with ballplayers, showing off that true style has little to do with the price tag.

Everyone deserves financial peace of mind, and that’s where Chime comes in. Money management doesn’t have to be difficult, and with help from one of the most highly-rated financial service apps and their suite of user-friendly offerings, everyone can feel confident about their money decisions.

To provide a little relief at the height of tax season, Highsnobiety and Chime are teaming up to give one lucky recipient a chance to ball out themselves. Starting on April 7, contestants can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to LA for their own $1,000 shopping spree with Courtney Mays, a treatment fit for anyone who knows how to make the most out of their money.

While we can’t all be multi-million dollar athletes, who’s to say you can’t feel like one? With a confident financial mindset and a taste for trends, anyone can ball on a budget and still get a fit off.

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