R. Kelly Takes Legal Action Against Bureau Of Prisons Claiming Unauthorized Release of Personal Information

R. Kelly is taking legal action against the Bureau of Prisons with a lawsuit alleging that his personal information was leaked by prison staff. This breach of privacy has affected the R&B star’s ability to defend himself and has raised serious concerns about the protection of sensitive information.

R. Kelly’s Attorney Responds

In the aftermath of the Chicago trial, R. Kelly has filed a lawsuit against the federal government and the Bureau of Prisons, accusing them of leaking his personal information.

The lawsuit, filed with the U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois, claims unauthorized access to his personal information and calls, including conversations with his attorneys. According to Kelly’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, certain officers within the Bureau of Prisons exploited their privileged access to the star’s details. Bonjean stated:

 “He had every right to be able to be confident, to think the BOP would protect his information and not exploit, but unfortunately, certain BOP officers did just that.”


The lawsuit alleges that at least 60 Bureau of Prisons officers made unauthorized access to Kelly’s sensitive and confidential information, which was under the custody of the Bureau.

The leaked information reportedly included personal calls, including conversations with his legal team, thus undermining his ability to mount a proper defense. As a result, Kelly has become hesitant to engage in discussions with anyone, even his own lawyers. Bonjean emphasized the impact of this breach, stating:

“He does not feel comfortable to this day talking to anyone, even his own lawyers, because of the impact of this event.”

Support From R. Kelly’s Sisters

Kelly’s sisters also expressed their disapproval of the violation of his privacy. Lisa Kelly said:

“You’re listening to personal phone calls. You’re listening to recordings. That’s not right. That doesn’t sit well with me at all.”

Cassandra Kelly echoed similar concerns, stressing the need for change in the judicial system.

“If they do it to him, they could do it to someone else. It’s time for change in our judicial system.”

R. Kelly is currently serving a 20-year sentence out-of-state for producing child pornography and enticing a minor in sexual activity. Additionally, he is appealing these convictions as well as a conviction in New York for sex trafficking and racketeering.

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