Burna Boy Passes on $5M Dubai Performance Because of Strict Smoking Laws While Tems Gets Detained In Uganda 

Nigerian music stars Burna Boy and Tems encountered legal issues while traveling abroad, shedding light on the challenges artists face in adhering to foreign laws.

Burna Boy’s Missed Opportunity

Burna Boy revealed in a recent freestyle that he turned down a $5 million performance in Dubai due to his inability to smoke marijuana in the country, as it is prohibited in closed public spaces. Dubai enforces various strict laws, including regulations on public affection, cohabitation without marriage, and public intoxication.

Fan Reactions

Some fans disapproved of Burna Boy’s decision, questioning his priorities and criticizing his addiction.

Tems’s Ordeal in Uganda

Tems faced her own troubles during a performance in Uganda, as she and her manager were arrested by plain-clothed police officers for allegedly violating COVID-19 guidelines. She believed it was a setup and recounted a threatening experience that warned Nigerian artists not to visit Uganda.

Challenges Faced by Artists

These incidents reflect the broader issue of artists encountering legal difficulties while abroad. This is mirrored in the case of Trey Songz’s bodyguard, who also faced legal problems in Dubai after a hotel altercation in 2023, resulting in a year-long jail sentence.

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