Acqua Di Parma’s Arancia la Spugnatura Is the Scent of the Summer

Since 1916 Acqua Di Parma has been dedicated to making us smell good. Its craftsmanship in creating precious scents for the pleasure of you and the loved ones around you have been honed in Italy for generations.

The latest fragrance from Acqua Di Parma,  Arancia La Spugnatura is a testament to this. La Spugnatura is an ancient extraction method used to obtain the perfect essence of citrus fruits. The process is so rare that only a handful of artisans in Italy still practice the technique. Using sea sponges, the artisan manually extracts the citrus essence and then precisely squeezes the essential oils into terracotta containers that serve to maintain the richness of the extracted essence. For Arancia la Spugnatura, Acqua Di Parma being at the forefront of new interpretations, uses this technique on a different fruit, the Arancia Vaniglia. This citrus of choice, hailing from Ribera in Sicily, is not one that is traditionally used for this technique which makes this scent super limited and entirely new in the world of fragrance. Why this particular citrus? Well, its name derives from its inherent flavour profile, where its scent and taste merge the freshness of oranges with the mellow and alluring softness of vanilla.

With this, what you get is a delectable soft summer scent that brings thoughts of long Vespa rides with Jennifer Coolidge across the Sicilian coastline, a fitting addition to Acqua Di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo collection. Brought together by master perfumer François Demachy, the soft citrus meets vanilla with just a hint of pepperiness and is neatly and beautifully packaged in an intense blue porcelain. Every single porcelain bottle is handcrafted, again by an artisan, a master in their field. Even the labeling evokes Italian heritage and craft, incredibly made from scrap powder from Italy’s famous marble quarries.

To celebrate the launch, the brand has transformed a kiosk in Milan into the Acqua di Parma Il Chioschetto. Open until the 21st of May; the dining and aperitivo kiosk is designed to whisk you away from city life to the shores of Sicily. Sicilian delicacies, fruit juices, and an Arancia Vaniglia flavored ice cream are all on the menu, created by Sicilian chef Filippo La Mantia, drawing inspiration from the origins of the fragrance’s key ingredient. If you are in the neighborhood, you can book an experience here.

Whether your fit will be gracing Sicilian locales googled after watching White Lotus or just taking in the local scenes over an espresso in London’s Soho or New York’s Dime Square, match it with the scent of the summer, the Arancia La Spugnatura Limited Edition by Acqua Di Parma.

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