Kayshon Bouttee Arrested On Illegal Gambling Charges

Former LSU wide receiver Kayshon Bouttee has been taken into custody on charges of illegal online sports betting. It is alleged that he used fraudulent accounts to place bets on his own games during his college days at LSU.

Despite currently playing as a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, Boutte is facing consequences from his college activities. With the advent of Name, Image, and Likeness deals in college sports, it is rare for a college athlete to encounter legal trouble related to financial gains.

Reports from On3 indicate that Bouttee’s alleged actions were particularly audacious. He turned himself in to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on January 25, facing felony computer fraud charges connected to his online sports betting. Additionally, he is also facing a misdemeanor charge of “gaming prohibited for persons under 21”.

According to allegations, the former LSU standout is accused of setting up a fake betting account and placing nearly 9,000 bets. What’s remarkable is that he only deposited a total of $132,147.53 but managed to accumulate winnings of $556,267.58. Reportedly, he only withdrew around $50,000 during the period of his illegal gambling from April 2022 to May 2023.

Boutte is accused of placing bets on LSU football games and even his own performance statistics. Regardless of one’s familiarity with sports betting, it is evident that betting on oneself is legally impermissible without justification.

LSU released a statement in response to Boutte’s arrest warrant.

“In July 2023, LSU was made aware of allegations regarding a former student-athlete’s improper conduct related to sports gambling while enrolled at the University,” the statement read. “Since then, we have fully cooperated with all relevant authorities involved in the investigation and will continue to do so. We have no evidence that any other student-athletes participated in these prohibited activities, and we are grateful for measures that detect and discourage sports gambling related misconduct.”

Despite the severity of the charges against him, perhaps the most surprising aspect of the entire situation is the usernames Boutte allegedly used for the fraudulent accounts. It is reported by The Athletic that his usernames contained parts of his actual name.

This case of illegal sports betting is one of the most intriguing in the history of college football. It will be compelling to observe how it unfolds.

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