YouTube CEO Calls Demonetizing Logan Paul’s Channel ‘A Pretty Strong Statement’

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on his reaction to the response issued against YouTube handler Logan Paul, believes that the punishment was justified.
A month after YouTuber Logan Paul posted a video on his YouTube handle featuring a thumbnail of the blurred face of a suicide victim, on 9th February YouTube announced the suspension of monetization from his channel, thereby cutting off a lucrative revenue asset for the creator. The decision was taken by the company after Paul uploaded a video presenting himself tasering a rat and encouraging the participation of the viewers in the Tide Pod challenge.

YouTube CEO Calls Demonetizing Logan Paul's Channel 'A Pretty Strong Statement'

His released videos were termed insensitive and pointed out to be a result of some mental ailment. Wojcicki said that YouTube’s declared statement was actually pretty strong in itself. YouTube announced that, in accordance to Paul’s case, it would strictly enforce its policies and issue a more detailed list of possible aftermaths if further any YouTuber would tend to violate its guidelines or would present something that would possess the potential to spread harm to the mass. As of now, it has decided to temporarily cease funds on his channel.
As per previous records, Paul had hiked up to the Aokigahara forest of Japan which is known to have witnessed thousands of suicides in years. There he had discovered the corpse of a dead man hung from a tree and had made a video of it and aired the same on his YouTube channel of more than 15 million subscribers. It was left on his channel to be watched even by the pre-teens following him. The video was received with a lot of criticisms and before he removed it from his channel, the video had amassed more than 6 million views and had been streaming in the trending section of YouTube.

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