Young Thug Denied Bond for the Third Time in RICO Case

Young Thug was denied bond for the third time during the recent hearing on August 18 in relation to his RICO case. Brian Steel, Young Thug’s lawyer, suggested that the denial of bond may be a result of law enforcement targeting him due to a past incident involving a drive-by shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus in 2015.

Denied Once More

Reports indicate that Young Thug faced his third bond denial during the hearing on August 18 concerning his RICO case.

Brian Steel, Young Thug’s attorney, brought up the tour bus incident while addressing Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville. Steel portrayed Young Thug as a “role model” who should be commended for overcoming poverty and adversity to achieve success rather than being incarcerated.

Despite arguments for strict house arrest, Steel contended that the evidence, including a video and other discovery materials provided by prosecutors, did not support the charges that led to Young Thug’s imprisonment in May 2021, with additional charges being added last week.

During the recent hearing, Steel disputed the new charges claiming Young Thug possessed an automatic weapon on the day in question, citing that the video related to his arrest did not corroborate these claims.

Furthermore, Steel argued that the evidence failed to prove Young Thug made certain incriminating statements in a group chat in January 2015. He also implied that law enforcement had been targeting Young Thug for the past seven years, linking it back to the Lil Wayne bus shooting incident.

Don Geary, the prosecutor overseeing the RICO case, previously prosecuted a rapper associated with YSL for the 2015 shooting incident involving Lil Wayne’s tour bus. Steel accused Geary of pursuing Young Thug now as a way to settle an old score.

Geary defended the new charges against Young Thug, citing him as a dangerous individual based on the alleged possession of a machine gun. However, Steel countered by pointing out discrepancies in the evidence and proposed stringent conditions for Young Thug’s possible release on house arrest.

Despite Steel’s arguments, Judge Glanville denied Young Thug’s bond application without providing a specific explanation, expressing reservations about releasing him before the trial.

DENIED: YSL Young Thug Bond Request Is Rejected

The initial bond hearing for Young Thug took place in the Fulton County court on June 4.

During the hearing, testimonies were heard from various witnesses, including music executive Kevin Liles, a teenage motivational speaker, and community activists, all advocating for Young Thug’s release. Despite the support, the judge denied Young Thug’s bond, citing concerns about potential risks posed by his release to the community and witnesses involved in the case.

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