Why Yoga Remains Popular Even After Lockdown

Trends come and go, but some stay longer, leaving us wondering why yoga still captivates everyone’s interest.

Yoga originated over five thousand years ago in the Himalayas, evolving through centuries of practice focusing on stretching and breathing techniques.

Accessible to all, yoga benefits the mind, body, and soul, requiring only a willingness to explore one’s physical capabilities and follow the breath.

An event hosted by Equinox and American Express at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) showcased the connection between yoga and art, emphasizing curiosity, patience, and active engagement for self-expression.

Guests were immersed in MOCA’s art exhibit before participating in a yoga session guided by Jaclyn Winters, paralleling the inspiration and exploration seen in both art and yoga.

With additional instructors’ support, participants challenged themselves with advanced poses, reflecting the artists’ playful approach to creativity.

Yoga encourages openness to new possibilities, emphasizing the transformative power of showing up and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.

The event culminated in a rooftop gathering where attendees shared wellness journeys and explored yoga’s role in a high-performance lifestyle, reinforcing the practice’s restorative and community-building effects.

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