Whitney Houston was molested in her young days by Cousin Dee Warwick, claims the new documentary

“Whitney,” the new documentary which was premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, has raised certain allegations about the late singing star Whitney Houston’s early childhood days.

Whitney Houston was molested in her young days by Cousin Dee Warwick, claims the new documentary

Allegations that the late superstar was molested in her young days by Dee Dee Warwick were brought forth in “Whitney.” Notably, Dee Dee Warwick was the sister of Dionne Warwick and Houston’s cousin.

In the year 2008 Dee Dee took her last breath, four years before Houston passed away after drowning in a bathtub, which was mainly because of heart disease and use of cocaine. The documentary’s director, Kevin Macdonald told Indiewire that it was Houston’s brother Gary Garland, who told him that he had also been sexually abused by Dee Dee when he was a kid and believed that his sister was also molested.

Macdonald said that Pay Houston, Gary’s wife, told him that Whitney had told her about her being molested by Dee Dee but had not given much of details. The director further said that two months after he discussed with Garland, Mary Jones, Houston’s aunt confirmed the fact that Whitney was abused when she was a child.

Macdonald, 50, said that he decided o approach all the family members of the late singer initially to know more about the possibility that she had been molested after he saw some of the old footages of Whitney.

Macdonald told Indiewire, “There was something about her discomfort in her skin, something about the way she presents or hides, her lack of overt sexuality.”

“I’d been watching her for several months and saying to editors, ‘There’s something about her that reminds me of something,’” the filmmaker further added.

It was then Macdonald realized that Whitney’s different behavior reminded him of a previous film on child sexual abuse which he had worked on. The documentary will hit the theatres on July 6.

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