UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Says Conor McGregor Won’t EVER Fight Again

A debate on the Irish professional mixed martial artist and professional boxer started when Conor McGregor agreed to fight with Floyd Mayweather who is a boxing superstar which is considering as the biggest money deal of his career. UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley says McGregor won’t ever fight for money in his life again.

UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Says Conor McGregor Won't EVER Fight Again

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After reportedly making $100 million somewhere in the neighborhood, it would be piece of cake for McGregor to simply walk out from the risks associated job which can even put his life jeopardy.

UFC champ Tyron said on the recent edition of his TMZ show The Hollywood Beatdown, “I never thought he was coming back. I said it all along. When he go and fight for 60 to 110 million dollars, whatever in the middle he actually made.”

He continued, “When you fight for that type of money. You’re gonna get him to come back and fight the match-ups that are most challenging to him? You’re not gonna do it.”


Tyron said, McGregor is going to “come back and fight me or Tony Ferguson or one of these guys that are not gonna be affected by all the trash talk? No, it’s not worth it.”

McGregor who is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). came into limelight due to his fighting skills. Tyron believed that if McGregor doesn’t back to the cage for a fight he could get a future career in Hollywood.

He said of McGregor, “His personality will transition well into film.”

According to Tyron, McGregor’s all the amazing and crazy stunts over the past months are a part of his calculated plan to raise his profile for his next big move for his career.

Tyron said if McGregor decides to return to fight, he would “beat his ass any day of the week.” He added, “I’ll beat the brakes off that little thang!”

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