Tyler Perry Faces Backlash for Repeatedly Using Black Trauma Themes After Release of “A Jazzman’s Blues” Trailer

Tyler Perry is under fire for his latest movie that showcases negative portrayals of Black individuals.

Tyler Perry dropped a trailer for his upcoming Netflix original film, A Jazzman’s Blues, scheduled to debut on September 23rd.

The trailer unravels a story of a Black man’s romance with a wealthy Black woman who appears white, and her family’s disapproval of their relationship due to the man’s lack of financial status.

Fans on Twitter expressed disappointment with Perry’s repetitive focus on depicting the struggles of the Black community.

One user tweeted that Tyler Perry presented a film reminiscent of the Jim Crow era:

“Tyler Perry decided to give us a version of the Notebook with racial undertones akin to The Jim Crow Journal. I’m tired of this pattern.”

Another user commented that the movie exudes themes of Black oppression:

“An interracial love story combined with elements of racial oppression, in 2022?”

Perry has been repeatedly criticized for failing to depict positives about the Black community in his movies, and his latest release reinforces this notion.

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