TV sires of Fire and Fury will hit small screen soon

One of the most controversial new book which named “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” will soon be available in TV series. The story is based on the Trump administration. It consists a series of stories of the administration. It depicts Trump as a president who never thought that he would win the election. It also shows how he struggled to know basics of governing.

TV sires of Fire and Fury will hit small screen soon

The report came to the front on Wednesday, and it came to know that the New York Times bestseller is being shopped to networks by Endeavor Content. The cost of the right will be a seven-figure amount. Well, the actual price has not been revealed yet.

As per the report, the executive producer of the TV series will be Michael Wolff. The TV series also will be handled by BBC executive and producer Michael Jackson. Jackson also has been worked as the chairman of Universal Television and president of programming for IAC.

Wolff writes that advisers to President Trump see him as a child who is unwilling to read basic briefing papers, suggesting the circle of people around him feel he is not up to the task of being commander in chief.  

Well, Wolff’s book has been criticized badly and also received some allegations from the White House and its supporters. They termed the book as trashy tabloid fiction.

Due to the book, Trump’s relationship with Steve Bannon who is his former strategist. In the book, Wolff mentioned him as disparaging the president and his family. After that, Trump’s lawyers filed a case of an ineffectual threat against Wolff’s publisher, but that didn’t affect the popularity of the book.  However, when the book was released, it had managed to reach the top of The New York Times bestseller list. In its first week of release, it became the most downloaded book.

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