Tristan Thompson To Pay Maralee Nichols $9,500 Per Month In Child Support

Tristan Thompson has been ordered to pay $9,500 monthly in child support to Maralee Nichols, with whom he shares a 1-year-old son, Theo.

Additionally, Thompson is responsible for covering some of Nichols’ attorney fees, as she will have sole custody of their child.

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The agreement will be filed in L.A. County Superior Court, and the monthly amount was set because Thompson is currently not earning income due to not being on a team.

Although $9,500 may sound like a substantial sum, it is significantly lower than the $47,000 per month that Nichols initially requested.

Maralee Nichols Sought $47,424 A Month In Child Support

In earlier court documents, Maralee Nichols had requested $47,424 per month in child support from Tristan Thompson and asked for him to cover attorney fees exceeding $1 million.

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The court documents stated, “With regard to child support, using Tristan’s income of $9.7 million alone and Maralee’s income of $0, Maralee at this time requests guideline monthly child support of $47,424.”

Thompson’s income has been stated as at least $810,075 per month. Nichols claimed her monthly expenses to be $22,263, expressing that she and her child were living at a lower standard compared to Tristan.

Reports suggest that Nichols resides in an apartment with a roommate while Thompson hasn’t provided any financial support yet and continues to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Nichols pointed out Jordan Craig, who receives $40,000 a month in child support from Tristan and lives extravagantly.

The couple’s child was conceived during Thompson’s birthday celebration in Houston, Texas, while he was still in a relationship with Khloé Kardashian. The child’s name has not been disclosed.

Khloé had thrown a birthday celebration for Thompson before he went to Texas and fathered a child with another woman. It was alleged that Thompson claimed to be single at that time and later offered money to keep the matter secret.

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