Tinder Bans Trans Woman After Disclosing Legal Sex Work

Tinder is under radar for banning transgender woman!

A trans woman from Portland, Oregon, named Ariel Hawkins is suing the location-based social search mobile app which is basically a dating app, according to Willamette Week.

Tinder Bans Trans Woman After Disclosing Legal Sex Work

Hawkins realized that her Tinder account was removed shortly after she added the phrase, “Cam girl on the side. Preop trans woman” to her profile. She received an email from the dating site saying that her account has violated service of service of the app.

Although working as a cam girl isn’t an illegal thing, it’s a legal form of sex work in the United States. The email from Tinder also stressed that Hawkins didn’t associate with any not-safe-for-work content.

However, Hawkins isn’t the only trans person on this trans spectrum who has had her Tinder account deleted. The other trans user named Tall-yuh are also being banned from the dating app due to their gender identity, Teen Vogue reported.

Tall-yuh took to Twitter and slammed the app back in December 2017, she tweeted, “So @Tinder got back to me and the best they can say is I broke their community guidelines “in some way” but we all know this is because of men mass reporting me for being trans.” She wrote, “I would appreciate as many people as possible quote tweeting this and mentioning them.”

Tinder is currently under the fire for banning the trans user, but the dating app isn’t the only social media platform that has been accused of banning trans users. Facebook, which is considered as the biggest social media platform, had banned one trans woman for using “tranny” in a post to describe herself. For those aren’t aware, the word “tranny” has since been reclaimed by several in the trans community.

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