Tiffany Haddish Enjoys a Fun Time Onstage With Usher at His Las Vegas Show

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Usher is making headlines once again. This time, it’s not about his viral Tiny Desk Concert meme or fan requests for a Verzuz battle; it’s all thanks to his show in Vegas. The R&B icon’s residency was nothing short of spectacular, with his falsetto, pole dancing, and energetic performance stealing the show. TMZ reported that when Usher noticed Tiffany Haddish in the crowd on Friday night, he decided to bring her onstage for a lively moment of bump ‘n’ grinding.

The actress, with her platinum blonde hair, was already having a blast from the front row at Park MGM. “We ready!” she cheered in a video as Usher dazzled the audience with his hits. Tiffany shared her excitement on Instagram, writing, “Usher killing it in Las Vegas!!!!”


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Little did the Girls Trip star know that the night held even more excitement. Was she truly prepared for what was coming next? When Usher’s team invited her to join him onstage for a special moment, she found herself in the best spot in the house. Showing her star power, Tiffany embraced the moment wholeheartedly as Usher amped up the charm. Here’s a snippet of their performance.

The audience erupted in cheers and awe as Tiffany and Usher swayed to the music, showcasing some smooth moves. Usher even offered her a drink as part of their act. Tiffany welcomed the drink to cool off before things heated up even more on stage.


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If the recent performance of the single star is any indication, it seems like she is open to meeting new people! Tiffany got comfortable with the singer during Usher’s My Way residency show in Las Vegas after a few sips of her drink. Usher’s residency continues to be a hot ticket in Sin City.

“I’m sorry, I’m not going to have champagne. I like cognac. And I like it neat, so don’t make me chase you,” Usher said after toasting Tiffany. “When the Remmy’s in the system, ain’t no telling will you f**k or will you diss him?” he started to sing as the band joined in.

Usher and Tiffany seem to have a great friendship and sense of humor. In an article for Cosmopolitan, Tiffany, known for her roles in shows like Tuca and Bertie, shared her approach to comedy and the importance of being responsible for her words.

“I never thought you could just say horrible things about somebody and think they’re not going to slap the s**t out of you, and I think that’s because I grew up in foster care,” she said. “I check and verify with people. If I can’t say it to your face, I shouldn’t be able to say it. Period. That’s how I draw the line.”


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In one instance, Tiffany mentioned how she seeks permission and consent before incorporating someone in a joke, emphasizing her commitment to fairness and accountability in comedy.

“I got this joke, ‘I curse you out with joy. I hope that you spread it. I hope you spread it like Usher spreads herpes.’ I have said that in front of Usher,” Tiffany shared.


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Even though the topic can be serious, Tiffany indicated that Usher approved of her joke before she shared it.

“Usher said, ‘Your a** is crazy.’ I said, ‘Yeah, well, there’s a rumor out there saying you got herpes. I don’t know if you do or don’t, but that s**t is funny.’

“He’s like, ‘Yeah, it is.’ If he had said, ‘Tiff, don’t say that no more. I don’t like it. I’m not comfortable with you saying that,’ I would stop saying it,” Tiffany revealed.

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