There had an environment of verbal harassment in NBC; says, Ann Curry

After the allegation of sexual harassment started increasing against Matt Lauer, he was rusticated from the TV show ‘Today’ in November 2017. Then after many awkward moments like his conversation style with women came to the front. Among that, one incident has now got a lot of attention. The incident was the exit of Ann Curry from the show ‘Today.’ She left the show in years 2012.

There had an environment of verbal harassment in NBC; says, Ann Curry,

The duo has been worked as co-anchor in the show, and now it is said that Laure was the mastermind behind the exit of Curry. But when asked about this, he stated that he was against the exit of Curry. Well, Curry had given some interesting comments on this when she appeared on “CBS This Morning.” It was her first TV interview.

She came to promote her new TV series named “We’ll Meet Again.” But people wanted to know about her opinion about Lauer. They also wanted to know about the sexual harassment.

CBS This Morning’s TV show anchor O’Donnell state that “A lot has changed in the television landscape on morning television in the last three months. ”  The co-host of the CBS This Morning has been left the show, and  Matt Lauer also has left the show. So, how you will take all this? O’Donnell asked this to Curry.

Answering this, Curry stated that, with the time the realities and injustices are now coming in the front. It shows the power imbalance and women are not getting that much of important that men are getting. She said, “I’m talking about people in the workplace who are powerful, who are abusing that power, and women and men are suffering.”

She further stated that there was a climate of verbal harassment and that is known as sexual harassment and indirectly hinted that verbal sexual harassment was pervasive at NBC at the time.


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