The years-long feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry comes to an end finally

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are now finally ready to make peace and end the feud.

The years-long feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry comes to an end finally

Taylor Swift had an amazing opening night for her Reputation tour in Arizona this week, and the surprise gift she received from fellow pop singer Katy Perry added a great start to Taylor’s big night.
Katy sent Taylor an olive branch and a peace-making letter which worked perfectly and ended her years-long feud with Taylor. A source said that Katy is really happy and relieved that the two can now move forward and leave the feud in the past.

A source said that Taylor was truly happy to have received the gift from Katy and is very impressed and moved that Katy reached out to her.

Although there were some reports which claimed that Taylor should have kept the note private and that Katy was not pleased with her sharing the note on social media and making it public, our sources said that Katy was not at all upset with it.

Although Katy was taken aback at first when Taylor told the entire world that the feud was finally over, she is happy on the fact that everything is fine between them now, sources said. Taylor had good intentions of making the note public, added the source.

So what inspired Katy Perry to end the disturbances between her and Taylor Swift once and for all? As per the information from an insider, Katy is leading the right path and is happy in her space right now, and she wanted nothing more but to sort out and get back her long lost friend. Katy had been thinking about making up with Taylor since a very long time, added the insider.

The insider further said that Katy knows the two will not be able to become immediate friends quickly but is happy to be able to clear the air and keep all the negativity behind them. Katy hopes that they will be able to establish their lost friendship back again in the future and is happy to have done her part to end the bitterness, said the insider.

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