The Women Attend The ‘She By Shereé’ Fashion Show In RHOA Finale

It’s time for the spring-summer season in Atlanta, and BOSSIP has an exclusive sneak peek at a fashion show featuring the real housewives of Atlanta.

In the season 14 finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, the women gather at the She by Shereé fashion show, eagerly welcoming each other as guests arrive.

Amidst the friendly greetings, they all hope that everything goes smoothly for their fellow housewife.

“I am hoping that Shereé was just joking about not having her fashions ready,” Kandi says.

Several guests are present, including Shereé’s ex-husband Bob Whitfield, who warmly embraces the women, and Shereé’s children Kairo and Kayleigh.

Marlo Hampton, dressed in cheetah print, also attends and comments that the fashion show setup resembles a wedding.

“I have a feeling that she and Tyrone might be getting married tonight!” Marlo exclaims excitedly.

While everyone wonders if Tyrone will show up to support Shereé, Marlo reveals a big surprise – he’s already there!

“I know he’s on his way, I just saw him outside,” Marlo shares. “He’s in a black and white suit with flowers. Rumor has it he’s been here for a couple of nights!”

Tyrone is then spotted entering with a bouquet of roses.

What are your thoughts on Tyrone finally arriving to support Shereé?

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season finale airs Sunday at 8PM ET/PT

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