The health benefits of both, hot and cold shower

We all know that showering is an important part of your daily health routine, but based on the outside temperature, the time you spent under the water tends to offer certain benefits. Whether you like to take a bath in hot or cold water, you should know that your daily showering routine affects your health and offers benefits. After reading the below-mentioned benefits, you will get a little idea of the benefits.

The health benefits of both, hot and cold shower

For those who like to take a hot shower, below mentioned are its benefits:

  • The hot showers can help a person to get relief from tension and soothes the stiff body’s muscles. If you take a powerful showerhead, then it will be even better. Let the warm water act on your body like a mini-massage on your neck, shoulders and the back.
  • As per studies, taking a hot water shower can improve the levels of oxytocin in the boy and also ease anxiety. Hence, any person who is suffering from stress can use hot water shower and get a feeling of relief.
  • A hot water shower also acts like a natural decongestant which helps to relieve symptoms of cold as the hot steam helps to moisturise the nasal passages.

For those who like to take a cold shower:

  • Even though the cold showers are unbearable in cold weather, they offer a lot of benefits to the body. A cold shower can ‘shock’ your body and make it awake and active. This sudden change in the body temperature helps to relieve the body of fatigue and also increases mental awareness.
  • Taking a cold shower for 2-3 minutes once in a day is suggested by the researchers as a good treatment for depression. However, it’s best to consult with your doctor before trying this out.
  • Cold showers are also good for the hair and the skin as it hydrates the skin and prevents split ends.

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