The fever is back in town with prince’s Engagement

Well, it’s true that the excitement is back in town with the engagement news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Everyone is preparing themselves for the grand wedding. The royal celebration is kicking into high gear around the city, and fans are following the trend of the market where beautiful crockery emblazed with amazing official portraits to solar-powered toys with the queen’s characteristics in Britain’s monarchy is available, which is now considered as a huge business.

The camera was shifted a few times ago from the newly engaged couple of the town, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. But, one of the famous ceramics manufacturers of British has started making the mugs to commemorate the grand celebration.

After the announcement of the engagement, more than 1,000 mugs with the tag of “Harry & Meghan are engaged,” were printed as well as on sale. According to the sources, they retailed online near about 20 pounds ($27) and had sold many items within 24 hours of the announcement.

From the fantastic crockery items to the solar-powered toys, everything is now counted on the top list of the business items in the city. The celebration of the royal family is like the beautiful colours in the grey world. The British family will be contributing estimation 1.8 billion pounds to the economy of the country, according to the Brand Finance, which is a consulting firm. The bulk that was gathered was near about 550 million pounds from the tourism sector.

Brand Finance has estimated the number of travellers for the upcoming wedding of the royal family, which is to be scheduled on spring, and it will bring an additional cost of 500 million pounds in the next year. As per the estimation is concerned, one-third of the amount will be contributed by the merchandise sales.

The homes have already started filling the space with the beautiful decorative items designed in the name of royal couples. The fans are waiting for more products which will increase the beauty of their respective homes. A dedicated royalist of the country named as Tyler of 73 years of old has filled her home with the commemoratives items that includes the copy of the Issa dress, which was wore by Kate Middleton during the announcement of her engagement of with Prince William, and a small piece of glass dish that contains the picture of Queen Elizabeth II. One of her room is dedicated to Princess Diana, another one to the queen, which she gives on rent 75 pounds per night.

The Bridgewater Company has sold several pieces of pottery that are based on the Prince William’s wedding and have also produced commemorative mugs for the event. With the rise in the fever of the royal wedding, the companies are trying to hire more people.

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