Stalley Collaborated With Kevin Durant To Perform On “Scared Money”

To start NBA All-Star Weekend, Stalley collaborated with Kevin Durant to perform on “Scared Money”.

This weekend, the National Basketball Association will host its annual All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana, where various NBA stars will release limited edition merchandise for the event. However, Kevin Durant, an All-Star for the Phoenix Suns, teamed up with rapper Stalley to drop some bars.

The duo partnered for the track “Scared Money,” produced by B.A.M (Brandon Alexander Hodge).

The pair also shot a video for the track in New York City at KD’s undisclosed location. It may come as a surprise, but KD held his own alongside a skilled MC like Stalley, reflecting his dedication to the craft. With KD’s prowess, a collaboration album with a rapper could be a refreshing addition to the music scene.

“ayo, look rest in peace to Barbara davis /we hit another layer/when she speak to me it’s like she sayin prayers/ i feel like randy moss when he was on the raiders/ man they love to hate us this woman so fine i give her cash payments/ baby I’m just so glued to the basics/ i wanted more rooms so i copped a crib sitting adjacent uh/ in this hoop world I’m freddy Jason/ I’m sitting in the places of great but never complacent/ yeah baby i’m a stoner /yeah i took that long walk up the hill that made me a loner
and nah baby I’m don’t like being humble i hang with mogruls/ gotta pay attention it’s a god sitting amongst you and you know it” KD rhymes on the track.

The collaboration is a pleasant surprise, and fans may anticipate more joint projects from KD and Stalley in the future. In an era of frequent collaboration albums, a partnership between a rapper and an elite NBA player could bring a new perspective to the music industry.

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