Spotlight on Everyday NYC Heroes Running Small Businesses

In times of uncertainty, local businesses provide a sense of comfort and stability.

While iconic superheroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man may come to mind when we think of heroes, there are real-life heroes right in our neighborhoods, making a difference in ways we may not immediately recognize.

Inspired by Marvel characters, we joined forces with Marvel to shine a light on the unsung heroes of New York City. Our journey led us to meet the individuals behind Brooklyn’s Aunts et Uncles, Lower East Side’s Regina’s Grocery, and The Flower Shop.

Paul Gitter, SVP of Marvel Consumer Products, emphasizes the global influence of the Marvel brand, celebrating how fans incorporate Marvel into their daily lives, including supporting local businesses.

Our journey began in Central Brooklyn’s Little Caribbean, where Nicole and Michael Nicholas, the owners of Aunts et Uncles, shared their story of creating a vegan cafe focused on promoting health and community.

With a dedication to well-being, Aunts et Uncles became a gathering place that embodies the essence of community and care.

Moving on to Manhattan’s Lower East Side, we visited Regina’s Grocery, a sandwich shop steeped in family tradition and a commitment to its neighborhood.

Owner Roman Grandinetti shared his journey of turning his passion for food into a thriving business, drawing inspiration from Marvel characters’ resilience in the face of challenges.

Regina’s Grocery stands out as a beacon of nostalgia, family, and community in a fast-paced city, embodying the spirit of perseverance and dedication akin to that of a true Marvel hero.

The stories of Aunts et Uncles and Regina’s Grocery showcase how local businesses can go beyond commerce to become integral parts of their communities, echoing the values of unity and empathy often championed by Marvel superheroes.

The day ended at The Flower Shop in Lower Manhattan, where co-owners Dylan Hales and Ronnie Flynn welcomed us.

The Flower Shop has been a popular hangout spot for five years, drawing inspiration from Australian and English local pubs. The decor exudes a 1970s Americana style, but there is much more to it than just aesthetics.

Hales shared that his passion for creating a space where old and new friends can come together led him to the industry in his early 20s, and after 16 years, this passion has only grown stronger.

Flynn highlighted that The Flower Shop has become a place where people from diverse backgrounds unite. The most fulfilling part for them is witnessing strangers become friends and, in some cases, even getting married after visiting the establishment.

In the wake of the challenges posed by the pandemic, The Flower Shop has emerged stronger, akin to a hero mastering its powers. Hales emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mindset even during tough times, drawing a parallel to a line from the Avengers movie.

Looking towards the future, the owners expressed their desire for The Flower Shop to continue being a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of their background or abilities.

As the day wound down in NYC, a sense of nostalgia for Marvel moments lingered, highlighting the strength, dedication, and love found in our favorite heroes and local businesses alike. By supporting local establishments we cherish, we celebrate the owners and communities that make these places unique.

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