Snoop Dogg’s New Kids’ Animated Series, “Doggyland,” Featuring Himself

Snoop Dogg is set to debut a fresh show named Doggyland tailored for young audiences.

Snoop Dogg has developed a YouTube animated series, Doggyland, that is geared towards younger kids.

The series will revolve around playful dogs teaching toddlers various topics such as spelling and counting.

Moreover, a new episode will be released every Tuesday.

The renowned California rapper takes on the lead role as Bow Wizzle, a character who imparts knowledge and advice to the other dogs.

It appears that Snoop’s journey from 90s gangsta rap has led him to create children’s shows today.

@sohhdotcomSnoop Dogg Making Big Moves With New Children’s Show, ‘Doggyland’♬ original sound – SOHH – SOHH

Gracie’s Corner And Hip-Hop

It appears that hip-hop will continue making its way into educational programs for children.

Gracie’s Corner is another educational animated series for kids featuring predominantly black and brown characters.

Crafted by a father-daughter team, the nursery rhymes are melodic and infuse elements of hip-hop.

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