Simple hairstyles you can opt for in the summer

Throughout the winter time, most of us tend to pray for warmer weather. A little bit of sunlight, sand, surfing at the beach and sweat? Well, not the last option definitely but it is the price we pay in the long summers. However, it can become a little hard for you to enjoy the backyard barbeque when your hair locks are sticking to the forehead or when you feel as if your hair trapped with sweat is stuck on the back side of your neck region.

Simple hairstyles you can opt for in the summer

At the time, you may feel like chopping off all of your locks. But before you actually opt for such a makeover, you can try out certain hairstyles which will help you to keep yourself cool in the summer. Basically, you will be able to get all that hair off the face, back and the neck region while still looking really cute and pretty. Additionally, the best part of these hair-dos is that you will not require a curling or straightening iron as these should obviously not be used in the summer.


  • Perfect Ponytail:


The perfect summer ponytail is a no-effort hairstyle which suits any kind of hair type. You can opt for this hairstyle on a hot summer day or in usual days as well.


  • Sleek high ponytail:


If you want to take ponytail to a next level then you should try the sleek high ponytail hairstyle. This hair-do is sleek and can add that extra oomph factor to your hair. You will surely get compliments from your friends or relatives for it.


  • Messy Bun:


If you want a chic look then opt for messy bun hairstyle which can be used on all occasions, be it work or parties, college or just when you are at home.


  • Fishtail Braid:


This is a classic braid that is customized in a number of ways as per your style. It is super easy to make and looks easy on summer days. Once you know how to make a fishtail braid then you can try out other variations of it such as chunky fishtail braid, three-way fishtail, French fishtail and more.

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