Sesame Place Park Cancels “Rosita”: Removes All Images Of Character From Theme Park Following Racist Incident

The viral Sesame Place incident that dominated the internet’s attention is back in focus as DailyMail reported on the removal of the controversial character named Rosita from the children’s theme park. In response to a backlash stemming from videos showing several Black children being denied interaction with the mascot, all traces of Rosita have been erased from the park.

Since July, various park buildings, including a restaurant named “Rosita’s Cocina,” have remained closed. Employees at the Philadelphia location have confirmed that any merchandise or references to the character have been removed.

‘She’s been taken off the parade entirely since the racism allegations.

‘None of the characters walk the street in the parade anymore, and any meet-and-greet events for her have been canceled.

‘This action is in response to the allegations to prevent similar claims from arising.

‘Essentially, Rosita has been cancelled, and it seems unlikely she will return anytime soon.’

The television show Sesame Place has not removed Rosita nor indicated any plans to do so, but public opinion will likely play a significant role in determining whether the character will forever be associated with racism. As previously reported, the Black family involved in the original viral video has filed a $25 million lawsuit against the park, and it is anticipated that a settlement will be reached. The key question now is how much Sesame Place is willing to pay to navigate through this public relations crisis.

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