Seattle Police Officers Ruled “Justified” In Gunning Down Pregnant Mother Of 4 Charleena Lyles

We wish we still had the ability to be surprised by police walking away scot-free from questionable shooting death. We’re still angered by it but any exhibit of surprise or incredulity would make us eligible for an EGOT. At this point, we’re not even sure what would ultimately change the system as it’s presently constituted but we know for sure that there are a lot of good people who are fighting like hell to see that it does.

Seattle Police Shooting Of Pregnant Mother Ruled “Justified”

Charleena Lyles was a mother of four children and was pregnant with her fifth on June 18, 2017 when she was gunned down by police inside her own home after calling to report a burglary. Let the cops tell it, they had a peaceful conversation with her then “she turned violent” and “attacked them with knives”. According to a CNN report, jurors posited over one hundred questions to the King’s County Coroner, then determined that Officers Steven McNew and Jason Anderson were right to take Charleena’s life.

That said, the city of Seattle paid out $3.5 million to settle the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed against them. Funny how that works. No one is guilty of any wrongdoing but here’s almost four million M’s. Tuh.

A lawyer for the family, Karen Koehler, says that Charleena’s mental health was not taken into account saying, “the scope was strictly narrowed.”

“The message is clear: if a person is in a mental health crisis and has any type of sharp-edged instrument, tool or weapon — do not expect them to survive if 911 is called in Seattle.”

Rest in peace to Charleena Lyles.

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