Seattle Police Officers Found to be “Justified” in Fatally Shooting Pregnant Mother of Four, Charleena Lyles

We are no longer surprised by police officers escaping consequences in cases of questionable shootings. While still outraged, any display of astonishment would earn us an EGOT. Currently, it is unclear what can bring about a change in the system as it stands, but there are many dedicated individuals working tirelessly to push for reform.

Seattle Police Deemed Shooting of Pregnant Mother “Justified”

Charleena Lyles, a mother of four children and pregnant with her fifth, was fatally shot by police on June 18th, 2017, inside her own home after calling to report a burglary. The officers claimed they had a peaceful interaction with her before she suddenly became violent and attacked them with knives. After posing over one hundred questions to the King’s County Coroner, jurors concluded that Officers Steven McNew and Jason Anderson were justified in their actions.

Despite this ruling, the city of Seattle agreed to a $3.5 million settlement to resolve the wrongful death lawsuit filed against them. It’s ironic how no wrongdoing is admitted, yet a substantial settlement is made.

Attorney for the family, Karen Koehler, highlighted that Charleena’s mental health was disregarded in the proceedings, stating that “the scope was strictly narrowed.”

“The message is clear: if a person is in a mental health crisis and possesses any sharp tool or weapon, do not expect them to survive if 911 is called in Seattle.”

Rest in peace, Charleena Lyles.

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