Saweetie Shares Her Experience with Mental Health with Kevin Hart

Last week, Saweetie joined Kevin Hart on his show, “Hart to Heart,” where she candidly discussed the challenges of navigating her mental health while under the spotlight of fame. The Bay Area native also revealed the motivation behind her recent drastic hair transformation.

During her conversation with Kevin Hart on “Hart to Heart,” the Icy Princess shared insights into dealing with the pressures that come with being famous.

The rapper behind hits like “Tap In” expressed, “The constant scrutiny of the internet, celebrity status, and intrusion of privacy by paparazzi…I wasn’t prepared for that.”

Saweetie also acknowledged experiencing numerous mental breakdowns throughout her career journey.

Explaining her decision to undergo a significant hair change, she told Kevin:

“During quarantine, I had the opportunity for self-reflection. I delved into meditation, connecting with my higher self. This transformation was enlightening. It inspired me to seek a fresh start. Research led me to understand that hair harbors energy, symbolizing the metamorphosis from Saweetie to Diamonte, much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.”

She mentioned that meditation and energy balancing were essential practices she adopted to cope.

Recently, another female artist, Doja Cat, also opted for a radical hair change, even shaving off her eyebrows, prompting concern from fans on social media.

One Twitter user questioned, “What is wrong with Doja Cat?” While another tweet asked, “Is @DojaCat ill? A genuine inquiry.”

Amidst these discussions, Omeretta, a rising artist signed to music mogul Diddy “Love”, has also opened up about her struggles with mental health challenges, citing feelings of numbness due to the pressure of work and financial responsibilities.

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