Robert Indiana’s island home, the studio will be transformed into a museum

Robert Indiana, the reclusive pop star had never opened his Vinalhaven Island home door to the strangers. However, with his death, now the things are going to change. As per Indiana’s will, his Main Street home, as well as the studio, will be transformed into a museum for the public to go through his entire art collection.

Robert Indiana’s island home, the studio will be transformed into a museum

Indiana, who died at the island home on May 19, is still known for his ‘LOVE’ series across the globe. James Brannan, Indiana’s attorney, has lodged the will in a probate court in Rockland on Friday. The will, made in the year 2016, states the development of a non-profit organisation which will get royalties from his art collection.

Though Brannan did not comment on the exact value on the pop artist’s estate, he did acknowledge that Indiana’s art collection holds most of the value. As per the filing in the court, the value of the artist’s estate is said to be more than $28 million.

Brannan said that it would take time as well as money to fulfil Indiana’s aim as the estate is not in the right shape currently. The Victorian-style building has its name included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Moreover, the other factor which complicates Indiana’s aim is a lawsuit which is lodged by the Morgan Art Foundation in a federal court in New York City on May 18. As per the lawsuit, Indiana had accused two men of insinuating themselves in the late artist’s life and of taking his advantage when Indiana was in his final few years of life.

One of the men, Jamie Thomas, has been the artist’s power of attorney for two years and was also thought to be a great candidate to be the director of the museum, said Brannan. The Morgan Art Foundation now plans to contest Indiana’s will and Thomas’s designation of being director of the museum. The foundation has ‘LOVE’ series copyright and alleges Thomas in the suit of taking advantage of Indiana.

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