Recent Twitter Conflict Leads to Suspension of Akbar V’s Account After Clash with Cardi B

Recently, a heated exchange between Akbar V and Cardi B resulted in Akbar’s Twitter account being deactivated. As their online feud gains traction, many are left wondering about Akbar V’s identity.

The ongoing spat between Cardi B and Akbar V has captured significant attention, sparking curiosity about Akbar’s background.

The altercation escalated to the point where Akbar V’s Twitter handle was suspended. Meanwhile, Cardi B hinted at the possibility of taking the dispute offline.

Here are some lesser-known facts about Akbar V.

Akbar V Has a History of Being Involved in Controversies

Akbar V was previously embroiled in a public dispute on Twitter with Instagram personality Alexis Skyy, which culminated in a physical altercation with the reality star.

Moreover, Akbar V is not a newcomer to the music scene, establishing a presence by delivering freestyles over popular artists’ tracks on social media platforms.

The artist has also made appearances on various seasons of VH1’s reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Additionally, known as the “Clear The Air” artist, Akbar V is a mother of four and is related to the renowned singer and reality TV figure, Kandi Burruss.

Akbar V gained significant recognition by featuring on Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl Queen Mix” alongside Katie Got Bandz, BIA, JT of the City Girls, and Maliibu Mitch.

Akbar V Participates in the We Go Up Challenge

This collaboration with Nicki Minaj in “Super Freaky Girl Queen Mix” was not Akbar’s first interaction with the renowned artist.

In a notable instance in May, Akbar showcased her talents on Nicki Minaj’s track “We Go Up” on Instagram, impressing fans with her lyrical prowess. This display caught Nicki Minaj’s attention, leading to her acknowledgment of Akbar’s skills.

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