Rapper Mellow Rackz Allegedly Scammed Multiple Stylists Out Of Designer Clothes They Lent Her

Mellow Rackz is being called out for allegedly scamming stylists out of expensive designer clothes.

Celebrity stylists Charles Reynolds and Xavier Banks are claiming to be the rapper’s “latest victims,” being sued by Dover Street Group for not returning clothes they pulled for Mellow Rackz.

She allegedly pretended she was going to a room to sort through the clothes and decide what she wanted to wear to Coachella, but in the end, she left Banks and Reynolds at the fitting, never returning with the clothes she chose.  Now, the celebrity style team is facing a $31,000 lawsuit.

Lil Wayne’s artist has been working her way up in the industry since her very public relationship with Kodak Black last year.  Her antics and their controversial relationship made her Instagram famous, which led to Mellow Rackz catching the attention of her former manager, Cleo Bernard, last year.  Bernard–who is also the mother of the late rapper XXXtension–severed ties with her earlier this year after reportedly being scammed out of a private jet payment by the artist.


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Now, Reynolds and Banks–who have styled celebs including Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy, Offset, and Melii–were allegedly scammed by Racks after her and her manager Jal Rial booked them to style her for Coachella.

In an exclusive statement sent to BOSSIP, the style team say they flew from New York to Palm Springs under the guise that they would receive a great budget, accommodations, and expenses paid for their work and time. After styling Mellow Racks into the wee hours of the night, the rapper claimed she was going to transfer hotels and would decide what to wear from there,  taking the majority of the items that Reynolds and Banks pulled from Dover Street Market.  After that, she did not answer her phone despite their many attempts to contact her and her manager, never hearing from the rapper that night.

A week after she allegedly stole the items, she responded to the stylist letting them know she was not going to pay.  She left Reynolds and Banks responsible for $34,000 worth of clothes and expenses incurred and still refuses to pay.


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In the following weeks since the theft, Mellow Rackz and her manager, have left Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Banks high and dry as their attempts to retrieve the 34,000.00 dollars’ worth of high-end designer-label clothing have gone unsuccessful. As a result of Ms. Faith’s and Mr. Rial’s actions, the two stylists are left stuck with a pricey tab from the NYC-area fashion warehouse where the clothes were on loan.

“In an effort to vindicate their respective rights, Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Banks retained this law firm. This law firm called Manager Rial several times, which conveniently, went unanswered,” reads the official statement from Charles Reynold’s attorney from May, 2022. “This law firm called on Ms. Faith personal cell phone and after explaining to her the seriousness of the matter, Ms. Faith claim she has nothing to do with the situation, used profanity, and abruptly hung up the phone. Next, this law firm sent Manager Rial two demand notices informing him of the situation and the legal fallout that will ensue should he and Ms. Faith elect to ignore the notices.”

The statement continues, “The notices were ultimately ignored and, as of yesterday, a Palm Springs-area police department report was filed against Mellow Rackz reporting the theft, and, the two stylists are currently planning to file a New York state lawsuit naming, Mr. Rial and Mellow Rackz, and others, as defendants. Lastly, just today, Mr. Rial, was seen on IG Live posting and faulting his wealth in a proverbial slap in the face to the two stylists and the seriousness of this instant matter.”

Mellow Rackz has yet to comment on the stylists’ claims.

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