Ramona Singer meets with a 4-car accident over the weekend, suffers minor injuries

Real Housewives of New York actress Ramona Singer was not expecting such a Memorial Day Weekend. Ramona, who is known for her role in the series, reportedly met with an accident on Saturday, May 26. As per TMZ, she left her house in New York’s Southampton and was travelling along the Montauk Highway when she allegedly rear-ended a Mazda while driving her Maserati. The outlet reported that the result of the collision involved a four-car accident with Ramona’s Maserati in the back.

Ramona Singer meets with a 4-car accident over the weekend, suffers minor injuries

Luckily, TMZ’s report stated that Ramona or anyone else did not bear any serious injuries due to the collision. However, the ambulance was called, and Ramona was taken to a nearby local hospital just after the accident. While she was at the hospital, she was treated for minor bruises and pains before being released.

The outlet further said that Ramona is shaken up still due to the accident but is doing fine and getting recovered from the injuries nicely. However, her car is in a completely messed up condition as its entire front part was destroyed in the collision.

This scary incident comes in just a few months after the reality star was seen in a wheelchair in February following a trip. Ramona and the cast of the show Rhony had gone for a trip to Columbia where they had taken a boat ride to Cartagena, as per the information provided by an insider to Page Six.

Unfortunately, the engine of the boat caught fire. Everyone on the vessel thought that they were going to die and were hysterical, the insider told the paper. As per reports, fortunately, everyone on the boat was rescued and did not encounter significant injuries. Reportedly, Ramona suffered from a twisted ankle and hence was spotted in the wheelchair.

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