Police in Mississippi Caught on Video Abusing Handcuffed Black Man

Recently, police officers in Mississippi have come under fire for abusing their power. In a shocking incident, a Mississippi Highway Patrol officer in McComb was captured on camera being unnecessarily aggressive towards a man who was already in handcuffs and compliant. The man, Eugene Lewis, had been pulled over by the officer and stated that he did not smoke or drink. Eugene’s brothers, Packer and Darius Lewis, recorded the disturbing interaction.

In the video, one of the men can be heard saying, “We don’t give a damn… you were just in the back seat beating him up,” in response to the officer’s threat of arrest. It seems that both brothers witnessed the patrolman assaulting Eugene inside his police cruiser. As a result, all three men were arrested. Eugene Lewis spoke to WJTV about the incident.

McComb Mayor Quordiniah Lockle issued a statement expressing alarm and concern over the video. He mentioned contacting Representative Daryl Porter to intervene on behalf of the city and mentioned that an internal investigation would be conducted. Mayor Lockle urged the public to speak out against injustice while also allowing the investigation to proceed.

The situation is still developing, and we will continue to monitor the story for updates.

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