Police Arrests A Man After $5M In ‘Stolen’ Nike Gear Found In Warehouse

A major bust turned up over $5M in stolen Nike products inside a California warehouse but social media claims that it’s not what it seems.

Recently, Nike has been taking legal action against sneaker customizers who replicate their products. Furthermore, they have been proactive in addressing stolen goods, with a notable incident being a viral cargo theft in Memphis.

Customers have raised concerns about delivery drivers stealing products and delivering empty boxes.

According to KTLA, Nike’s Global Security Director, supply chain investigators, and California authorities recently made a $5M bust. After raiding two warehouses in the Los Angeles area, LAPD and Nike allege they found thousands of stolen sneakers, clothing, and unique products like samples.

Social Media Provides Context To Nike’s Alleged $5M Bust

A 37-year-old man was arrested and accused of organized retail theft including receiving stolen goods and redistributing the items.

After news broke out on social media, context came in from the sneaker community.

ProjectBlitz is one of the most famous sneaker shops in Los Angeles. It’s common knowledge that these shops buy, trade, and sell sneakers throughout the year. While alleging they have stolen merchandise isn’t far-fetched, similar consignment shops across America could be engaging in similar activities. Such establishments are known for acquiring rare sneakers and buying samples for display purposes. However, the issue arises when samples and prototypes are in circulation, as they are not meant to be out in the market, and could be considered as “stolen goods” and “receiving stolen merchandise”.

It’s all about perspective, wordplay, and public relations which Nike knows a thing or two about. Despite the positive implications of a $5M bust, it appears that a legitimate sneaker store was raided with items they had purchased.

We’ll have to wait and see how all of this unfolds.


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