Plying the villain role in Black Panther is something different; Says Michael B. Jordan

There is no doubt that Marvel Cinematic Universe has been giving many outstanding superhero movies but everyone has one complaint that the villains are usually somewhat lacking and they are not up to that mark. But, Marvel’s recent movies have proved that wrong and everyone has appreciated Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger. Yes, he is the main villain in the movie Black Panther. The fans like him as he has brains, brawn and a ton of motivation to hate the titular hero.

Plying the villain role in Black Panther is something different; Says Michael B. Jordan

During a recent interview, Jordan stated, “His motivations, in his eyes, are his people and caring about the survival of his people and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to assure that.” He further stated that he tried hard to develop the quality of Erik Killmonger and he started meditated on people like Malcolm X and Tupac Shakur. If looking in some past movies, Jordan has played only the good guy’s role and he never played a role of a Villain. So, he said that he enjoyed a lot and it was fun changing things up. He stated it is quite difficult to play the villain as there are fewer boundaries. He further added, “It’s definitely more fun playing the bad guy.”

He stated it was a pleasure and unbelievable to work with Chadwick Boseman. Boseman has played the role of Black Panther. Jordan further added that “It was great to finally interact with each other. I feel like we helped push each other to give the best performances possible.”

Well, for Jordan this is the first movie in which he works with Boseman. But, he has been worked in two other movies directed by Ryan Coogler i.e., Fruitvale Station and Cree. So, Black Panther is the third movie for his with Ryan Coogler. They will bring more movies together.  


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