Passenger in Daunte Wright’s Car Takes Legal Action Against City And Officer

Watching a person pass away peacefully is already distressing, but witnessing someone next to you get shot by a police officer is truly nightmarish. Alayna Albrecht-Payton, a 21-year-old who was sitting next to Daunte Wright when officer Kim Potter mistakenly used her firearm instead of her taser, causing Daunte’s death, has suffered both mentally and physically. Now, she is holding the state accountable for its violent mistake.

Daunte Wright’s Passenger Partner Files Lawsuit Against City And Officer

Albrecht-Payton is demanding at least $150,000 in damages from the city of Brooklyn Center and Kim Potter personally for the tragic incident on April 11, 2021. After the shooting, the car Daunte was driving crashed into another vehicle, resulting in Alayna sustaining a broken jaw and cuts.

“Albrecht-Payton was an innocent witness to an incredibly traumatic event, as many heard her describe during the felony trial. She has endured significant and lasting injuries, including a broken jaw and cuts, and continues to be deeply affected by this ordeal,” stated her attorney Kathryn Bennett in a recent phone interview.

Despite her own injuries, Alayna tried to assist Daunte while Potter was more focused on her own situation and impending consequences. The lawsuit strongly highlights this behavior.

“Potter was only concerned about herself. She sat on the curb, cried, and diverted attention from the crisis she caused. Officer Luckey comforted her as she expressed her fear of going to prison.”

Many believe that $150,000 is not sufficient, and the outcome of this lawsuit will be closely monitored.

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