Oscar winner Danny Boyle may direct upcoming James Bond movie: Report

The producer of the upcoming James Bond movie has finally selected a name to direct the movie and it seems that one Oscar-winning director will replace another director. As per the latest report, Danny Boyle, director of Slumdog Millionaire would direct Daniel Craig in upcoming Bond movie. However, no official offer has been made yet. The director is also well-known for the movies like 28 Days Later and Trainspotting. For now, Danny Boyle in high on the list of potential directors for the movie.

As per the previous report, the 25th edition of Bond film was scheduled to launch in 8th November 2019. That time it wasn’t clear that if Daniel Craig would return to the movies or who would be handling distribution in the United States. Then Craig confirmed that Annapurna Pictures will handle the distribution work along with MGM.

Oscar winner Danny Boyle may direct upcoming James Bond movie: Report

During that time several directors’ name considered for the movie. But, when Annapurna Picture joined the franchise the things started changing and now all eyes are on Boyle and would be the best choice for this. On the other side, Boyle always wanted to work on the project as a director. The director is working on a project for Working Title without any cast. So, it is expected that he would push that movie to work in Bond film.  He has that talent who could bring a lot of new things and look to the franchise.  

The previous Bond movie named Skyfall and Spectre was directed by Sam Mendes. The movies also became the highest-grossing films. Skyfall managed to earn $1.1 billion and the worldwide box office collection of Spectre was $880 million. Later, Mendes informed that he will no longer direct any films in Bond 007 series.  Boyle recently directed Trust for FX.

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