Nikki Bella ‘Heartbroken’ Over Break Up With John Cena

Fans are shocked by the news of Nikki Bella and John Cena’s sudden split just weeks the wrestler couple was all set to get married to each other.

Nikki Bella 'Heartbroken' Over Break Up With John Cena

The 40-year-old Cena previously confessed that he didn’t want to get married again but he later changed his mind and proposed his fellow wrestler Nikki Bella back in April 2017. For those who aren’t aware, Cena was previously tied the knot with Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009 but the two parted their ways in 2012.

A source told People that Cena began getting cold feet as the wedding date was coming closer. The source told the publication, “She never gave him an ultimatum. He talked a really good game about having changed, about having his priorities straight, about knowing what’s important, and that it was her. But as the day got closer, it was like he just went back to who he’s always been — which is someone who puts himself first, always.”

The source continued, “He’s an incredibly dedicated, driven, ambitious guy. And for the longest time, he said he didn’t think he had room in his life for a spouse or kids. It seems like in the end that was still the truth.”

The source went on to say, “But in that case, he never should’ve proposed, let alone in front of millions of people. Now she’s heartbroken.”

“This was supposed to be the happiest time of her life,” the source said. “He ruined it and blew everything up.”

Bella and Cena’s wedding was scheduled for May 5 in Mexico, where Bella was super excited to celebrate her big day with her family and pals.

The source said, “It wasn’t going to be some showy Hollywood, over-the-top glitzy thing.”

The source told the publication that the 34-year-old Bella will be “fine,” but her now-ex Cena has shown his real side.

“In wrestling, there are two archetypes: faces and heels,” the source went on to explain. “A face is a good guy, a hero, who you root for. A heel is a villain, who sometimes can seem like a good guy but then turns around and shows his true, evil colors. John Cena just revealed himself as the ultimate heel.”

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