New York attorney general files lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, company

Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein Co. have been filed a lawsuit by New York’s attorney general, General Eric Schneiderman, post an investigation into allegations of sexual assault.

The attorney has said in a release on Sunday, 11th January that the company had repeatedly broken the New York law by failing to protect its employees from the pervasive sexual harassment, intimidation, and discrimination. He further added that any sale of The Weinstein Company must ensure that the harassed victims would be compensated, the employees would be protected in further days, and that neither perpetrators nor enablers would be unjustly enriched. He also spoke about the right of every citizen of New York to a workplace free of sexual harassment, intimidation, and fear.

New York attorney general files lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, company

The producer later issued his statement on behalf of the Weinstein Co. saying that the company was disappointed that the New York Attorney General felt it necessary to file the complaint. He further added that many of the allegations relating to the Board were inaccurate and that the Board looked forward to bring the facts to light as part of its ongoing commitment to resolving the difficult situation in the most appropriate way. With respect to the Company’s ongoing sale process, he said that the Board sought a transaction to preserve jobs and create a victim fund and that any suggestion that the Company or its Board somehow impeded or discouraged the buyer’s access to the New York Attorney General was untrue.

Many well-known actresses have come forward with claims of forced sexual encounters against the company. As revealed post investigations, many female executives were forced to entertain Weinstein’s sexual desires in return for promises of employment opportunities. The lawsuit has held allegations against the company as being responsible for unlawful conduct.

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