Mia Khalifa calls WWE as an ’embarrassing game’

WWE has announced the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble matches, and within this announcement, Mia Khalifa becomes the target of criticism for calling the show as “embarrassing”. The Rumble match will feature the women from both the Raw and SmackDown brands. The female Rumble could feature few combatants as per the sources are concerned.

Mia Khalifa calls WWE as an 'embarrassing game'

The first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble matches will be a significant mark for the audience and the moment will create a new turn in the history of WWE. The motto of the show is to promote girl power where the female performers are considered as the role models as they are successfully encouraging and empowering the women to be confident and strong.

The eye-catching moment in the history of WWE has generated tremendous excitements among the fans. There are numbers of women pro wrestlers in the locker room of WWE, and that’s sound interesting. The show has always been a high entertainment channel for the audience since long. Every time the authorities are including new concepts and theme to the game for allure the eyes of WWE fans.

According to Stephanie McMahon, the show will gather massive appreciation from the fans as they are introducing it the first time in the history of WWE. He made an appearance to announce the news on the recent occasion, where he declared that female superstars would perform in the Royal Rumble match at the Royal Rumble PPV. Fans are waiting to see some of the known faces in the grand entry match who are entitled as WWE Divas. But, there is no such information about the total number of participants in the Royal Rumble match.

Nevertheless, everyone is waiting for the official announcements from the WWE where everyone wants to get a chance to enter the match. And finally, Porn queen Mia Khalifa entered into this limelight. Well, WWE doesn’t want to sign her, but she made the controversies and soon becomes the target of criticism.

The ravishing 24 years old lesbian-born American beauty is facing the flak reviews from the celebrities as she made some comments like WWE is fake and embarrassing.  Do you think her career will go off after this statement? Well, there is no guarantee what will happen to her career, but she said to the panels that she has no respect for the WWE as they are fake and moves are even choreographed. After listening to her view, you can now yourself judge what will happen to her future opportunities.

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