Meghan Markle was criticized for her “inappropriate” dress at Queen’s birthday pageant

Recently married Meghan Markle has again come into the limelight for her “inappropriate dress” in the Queen’s birthday parade.  She was in a sleeveless and off the shoulder dress, which was criticized by some of the critics on the social media called Twitter. Though her smile took million hearts, still, Meghan becomes the talk of the town in the birthday celebration.

Meghan Markle was criticized for her "inappropriate" dress at Queen's birthday pageant

On 9th of June, the newly married Duchess of Sussex had joined the celebration with her handsome husband, Prince Harry, and the total royal family attained the London festivities. The ceremony had included a 250-year old tradition, where there was a huge military troop who showed off their talents through flags as well as marched the entire Buckingham Palace Square.

On this special occasion, Meghan Markle, 36, was wearing a beautiful pale pink Carolina Herrera dress along with a matching Treacy hat, which was recycled from her first royal wedding ceremony in her unique role, just after three days of her wedding.

Meghan Markle joined the function with her Husband and was mingling with the entire family in the Balcony of Buckingham Palace. There, some of the detractors didn’t appreciate her dress and took the matter to social media channels and commented that Meghan was “inappropriately” dressed for the royal birthday celebration.

One of the critics said, wearing an off-shoulder dress at the trooping or in any royal ceremony is not convenient. Other critics have also joined the trend and wrote, “Meghan is pushing her limits and going beyond the zone” and she had broken the long-term protocol of Queen’s family by wearing an off shoulder dress, whereas, one of the followers said that “American Princess is the epitome of style and beauty, and they love her.

Amidst these discussions, it is remaining unclear whether Meghan Markle has truly broken the protocol of royal family or not.


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