‘Mase’ Seeks to Discover New Talent for His Music Label Using TikTok

Former member of Bad Boy, Mase, is among the many rappers utilizing social media to showcase his record label. He recently turned to TikTok to inspire aspiring musicians to join his label and succeed financially.

Harlem’s iconic rapper, Mase, is delving into the business side of music and actively looking for new talent.

In a video posted on TikTok, Mase delivered a message to potential artists to sign with his label, RichFish.

“If you are looking to get signed and aim for success, seeking a substantial deal without compromising your integrity, and wanting to focus on your artistry without distractions, then come to RichFish, because we are dedicated to making artists wealthy,” Mase stated.

The reference to “nobody dancing all in your videos” harks back to a famous speech made by Suge Knight at the 1995 Source Awards where he publicly criticized Bad Boy CEO, Diddy, who was once close friends with Mase.

Mase’s recruitment efforts may draw criticism given his history of business disputes.

Having acknowledged past conflicts with Diddy due to business dealings, Mase was recently embroiled in a similar situation with drill rapper Fivio Foreign for reportedly offering a meager $5,000 advance on his contract.

During an interview on the “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” podcast, Mase responded to co-host Wallo’s inquiry about Fivio Foreign’s allegation of a $5,000 advance in his contract deal.

Mase clarified that he did not engage in any unfair practices, and Fivio’s contract negotiations took place at the Columbia Records office building.

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