Marilyn Manson gives in to emotions: cuts short the Paramount concert

Marilyn Manson, the singer known for having a controversial personality on stage recently cut short his concert that was being held at Paramount, Huntington, NY. Reports state that the singer displayed weird and bizarre behavior as the concert commenced which consisted of some freestyle rambling jam along with consistent demand for applause from the audience.

Marilyn Manson gives in to emotions: cuts short the Paramount concert

A video that surfaced on the social media showed the celebrity facing opposite the crowd while delivering half sung and mumbled monologues while his band mates played the extended version of blues jam. As the show moved towards its end, a report by Newsday stated that the crowd was shouting for a “Refund”.

Fans said that the artist entered the stage with full passion and energy but the same deteriorated at a fast pace. There was a full 10 minutes of the concert where the artist begged for an audience applause with literally no music in the background. The same was followed by songs that were extended and drawn out with a maximum chunk of it comprised of rambles and nothing else. The ramble mostly comprised of the audience’s absence of love for him along with similar bizarre things. This continued for an hour and fifteen minutes followed by which he threw away his microphone and went off the stage.

One commentator jotted down his anger on Instagram stating that the artist just sang 3 songs and then melted down. The Instagram user also stated that he might have been drunk to do such a thing on the stage.

In the past months, the band and Manson haven’t been going through a good stage which could have been the reason for this meltdown. Last year the band had to cancel their tour due to an onstage injury suffered by the artist. However, Mason went back to tour in the month of November with a cast on his leg.

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