Loreal Palmer Shares Insights on her Sister KeKe’s Big $100K Win

The excitement is palpable — a winner has emerged!

Following a grueling competition involving clues, tears, and rounds of “truth or dare,” KeKe Palmer’s older sister, Loreal Palmer, known as “L.C.” on the show, clinched the top spot on ABC’s Claim To Fame and walked away with the $100,000 prize. In the final showdown, Loreal correctly deduced that Logan was the cousin of country singer Jason Aldean, securing her victory.

Though faced with challenges such as eating insects to safeguard her secret and dealing with emotional moments, Loreal’s perseverance paid off, and she emerged victorious, much to the delight of her fans.

Below, Loreal Palmer, the newly crowned Claim To Fame champion, reflects on her journey to success.

Congratulations on your remarkable win! How does it feel to emerge as the champion, and what are your sister KeKe Palmer’s thoughts on your victory?

It hasn’t fully sunk in yet. I’m eagerly waiting for that moment of realization!

Your strategy of portraying your celebrity relative as a man proved effective. Who else do you think played the game well?

That strategy was suggested to me, and it worked like a charm! When I introduced the false information, altering the gender seemed like a smart move to throw off others. The mention of Laurence Fishburne was a stroke of genius. Logan also employed a similar tactic by hinting that his relative was older, given the abundance of legends in country music. It was a game of wits for sure!

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Tell us about your choice to divert attention to Logan rather than Louise [Adria]. Do you have any regrets about that decision?

I have no regrets about that. Louise had expressed her admiration for Keke multiple times, making her a potential threat. She made me quite anxious with her attachment to Keke. Eliminating her was a safer bet for me. Moreover, Logan and I had established an alliance early on, which we both honored.

Things grew tense in the house, particularly between you and Lark. You mentioned feeling like you were “falling apart.” What was running through your mind at that moment?

I was genuinely overwhelmed! As someone who tends to prioritize others’ needs, being in a competition where alliances were crucial was challenging. The bond among the contestants deepened over time, making it harder to separate emotions from strategic gameplay. It was a tough balancing act!

Who do you think posed the biggest threat leading up to the finale? Who appeared most perplexed about your celebrity link?

I felt relatively secure until the final challenge, which demanded complete transparency. Pepper, sensing her impending elimination, went all in, knowing she had nothing to lose. The stakes were high, and the outcome of that challenge would determine everyone’s fate. Winning was non-negotiable.

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What were your thoughts on the returning contestants — who were you most eager to see again?

I found it amusing that the previous contestants were brought back! I was particularly thrilled to see Brittany as I needed her assistance regarding Logan. After playing Truth or Dare, I suspected that Logan was connected to Jason Aldean, and I hoped Brittany could confirm it, as she hinted at knowing his identity before leaving without revealing anything. Unfortunately, she didn’t provide me with any information, but I was convinced she was aware of the truth! Apart from Brittany, I was genuinely excited to see X! I was disappointed when he left, as he’s a wonderful person, and I wished I had more time to interact with him!


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The truth or dare game laid everything bare — including your willingness to eat bugs for victory. Tell us about your truth or dare strategy leading up to the finale.

My strategy was clear during Truth or Dare as the winner got to pick the guessers, who held immense power in the game. I was determined to be one of the guessers, no matter the cost. Even if it meant revealing everything, I aimed to secure that position, knowing it would give me an advantage. I focused on understanding Logan, paying close attention to his clues, as I still had doubts about him. Despite his focus on dares, he slipped up when revealing his relative’s government name as Jason Williams. Connecting this to previous mentions of Jason Aldean in the house, who hails from Georgia like Logan, made it obvious that I had found my target.


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How thrilled were you when you saw Jason Aldean’s appear after correctly guessing Logan’s famous relative?

I was amazed. Seeing his face appear made time stand still, and everything else that evening became a blur. I was like, “did I really win? Is this happening?” I was genuinely stunned. I think I shed some tears that night when I finally knelt down to pray in bed. All I wanted was to call my children and share the news that mommy was coming home… and that we were going to Disneyland! Hahaha just kidding!

What are your plans now that you’ve emerged as the winner of Claim To Fame?

Well, I believe I would consider participating in reality TV again if the right opportunity came along. However, my primary goal is to venture into behind-the-scenes work. I have always dreamt of starting my production company and creating horror films, so that’s my vision. I’m a huge admirer of Wes Craven, and I aspire to craft my version of a Nightmare on Elm Street. Stay tuned for more…

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