Lil Nas X Faces Backlash From The Christian Community & Apologizes For ‘Communion’ Skit

Lil Nas X recently addressed the criticism from the Christian community over his “J Christ” video, which sparked controversy due to a communion scene.

For Lil Nas X, being controversial is part of his brand but this time, he may have crossed a line while promoting his recent single “J Christ” with a video featuring a communion scene.

In this video, he was dressed as Jesus and appeared to consume communion crackers and wine.

According to Complex, he recently admitted that he realizes he crossed the line with the scene, but stands by everything else. He discussed the incident on Jay Shetty’s podcast On Purpose.

Nas X explained, “It was a thing that artistically was just supposed to be like, ‘I’m returning. I’m back, I’m back like Him.’ It turned into this whole thing where it was me trying to dunk on Christians or something, and that was never what it was.”

He expressed regret for the appearance of mocking communion and acknowledged that it appeared bad in the video.

Despite his apology, he emphasized that he stands by everything else and does not see any wrongdoing. He also mentioned making gospel music and connecting with his spirituality. He expressed frustration that the situation was being seen as a mockery.

Although it’s common for artists to upset people at some point in their career, Lil Nas X should have realized that playing with religious figures wouldn’t sit well with some Christians. This backlash will likely make it more challenging for him to be taken seriously and he will need to focus on creating great music rather than relying on gimmicks. Following the backlash, his single “J Christ” debuted at No. 69 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and he lost almost 150K followers.

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