Lil Drunk Announces Hiatus To Focus On His Health After Onstage Explosion

Chicago-based rapper Lil Durk announced that he will be taking a break to focus on his health after he suffered an eye injury from a recent onstage explosion.

After the explosive accident on stage at Lollapalooza Chicago, rapper Lil Durk posted an image of his eye covered in gauze and announced that he is taking a break to focus on his health.

While performing on stage, the rapper walked into the pyrotechnic machine, where the smoke accidentally shot out in his face.

To avoid disrupting the festival, the Grammy-nominated rapper finished his performance for his fans.

The upcoming concert of Lil Durk has been scheduled for August 13 in Boston.

Fans hope the artist recovers soon and returns to the stage in good health.


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Health Is Wealth

Lil Durk isn’t the only rapper that faced health complications at a recent concert.

This past weekend Ying Yang Twins group member, D-Roc thanked everyone who checked on him after he collapsed on stage during a Missouri concert headlined by Vanilla Ice.

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