LeBron James Featured on Sports Illustrated Cover with His Sons Bronny & Bryce

LeBron James has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated once again, this time accompanied by his sons Bryce and Bronny. The NBA star also discusses his future plans of playing in the NBA alongside his sons.

Back in February 2002, while still in high school, LeBron James made headlines by appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Despite initial skepticism and doubts about his potential, LeBron has undoubtedly exceeded all expectations over the past 20 years.

In a recent development, LeBron James is back on the cover of Sports Illustrated, now sharing the spotlight with his sons, Bryce and Bronny.

While Bryce and Bronny James are currently making a name for themselves at Sierra Canyon High School, LeBron harbors hopes of sharing the court with them in the NBA, provided his physical condition allows it. This unexpected revelation has sparked debates, with some questioning the pressure LeBron might be placing on his son, Bronny, who is still two years away from NBA eligibility. LeBron, unfazed by the criticism, defends his family’s legacy vehemently.

In a poignant moment from the cover story, Savannah James hints at Bronny attending college instead of opting for other basketball pathways like Overtime Elite or the G-League. This decision has piqued the curiosity of many. For the complete cover story, visit here.

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