Latto Talks About Women Empowerment And Her Respect For Motherhood

**Latto Discusses Women Empowerment And Her Appreciation for Motherhood**

In a recent conversation, Latto shared her thoughts on the significance of women’s empowerment and expressed her admiration for motherhood.

Latto, an active supporter of women’s empowerment, elaborated on the movement’s importance during a recent interview with Yung Miami from City Girls.

In their discussion, Latto and Yung Miami touched on the experiences of being women in the music industry. They highlighted disparities such as men having stronger unity and sportsmanship compared to women.

The conversation also veered towards Drake, noting how his endorsement of a new artist would earn him praise, unlike when two female artists collaborate, leading to comparisons and competition for the top spot.

Acknowledging these challenges in her career, Latto is dedicated to paving the way for others to showcase their talents.

Latto also addressed her provocative track, “P*ssy,” and shared her views on the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade.

When Latto unveiled the song’s cover art, many expected another explicit track, but the song sparked discussions on its themes upon release.

**Latto’s Readiness for Motherhood**

The Atlanta-born artist expressed her desire to leverage her platform to advocate for women and voiced her readiness to embrace motherhood.

She also expressed deep respect for mothers, especially young mothers, acknowledging them as true leaders and commending Yung Miami’s parenting skills.

**Black Girls Rock!**

In other empowering news for women, Saweetie, the “Icy” rapper, opened up about her experiences as a Black woman.

She reflected on her journey with her natural hair, recalling her past desire for straight hair and the lack of mutual compliments. It wasn’t until high school that Saweetie began to embrace her natural hair during her varsity years.

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