Lainie Kazan busted for stealing groceries on Christmas Eve

Lainie Kazan was recently arrested on a Sunday afternoon for shoplifting groceries worth $180. The actress played an overbearing matriarch in a comedy movie released in the year 2002 known as “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Her character went by the name Maria Portokalos.

Lainie Kazan busted for stealing groceries on Christmas Eve

According to TMZ, Kazan. Who is 77-year-old, walked out of a San Fernando Valley grocery store with food items worth $180. She didn’t pay for the food she collected from the grocery store. As reported by police, the actress didn’t have any money on her and was arrested for petty theft. However, the Brooklyn-born actress was released without bail later. The actress was nominated for a Golden Globe due to her excellent performance in the movie “My Favourite Year”.

Kazan has been acting since the late 1960s and has received numerous nominations and awards for her performance. In 1988, she was nominated for an Emmy for her guest role in the movie “St. Elsewhere”. Apart from this, the actress also won the 1993 best-featured actress Tony Award for the movie “My Favorite Year.”

The San Fernando Police did not confirm the arrest of the actress. Lainie tried to sneak out the groceries via a reusable bag but got caught as she was trying to get away. The employees confronted the actress in the parking lot. This incident marks a weird chapter for the actress

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