Kyrie Irving Makes Generous Donation of $24,000 To Viral Pink Sauce Lady

NBA star Kyrie Irving has once again demonstrated his generosity by donating over $24,000 to Veronica Shaw, the founder of the viral sensation known as “Pink Sauce.” Shaw recently started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her struggling company.

Shaw In A Financial Bind

It appears that Kyrie Irving has come to the rescue once again. The NBA superstar has donated $24,240 to Veronica Shaw, also known as Chef Pii, who is the founder of Pink Sauce.

Shaw recently opened a GoFundMe page on August 16 to share her struggles, including the possibility of eviction and the inability to provide her children with clothes for the upcoming school year. Despite Irving’s substantial donation, Shaw’s GoFundMe page and the NBA star have faced criticism on social media.

Shaw also explains in the GoFundMe description that she made a few mistakes by trusting a company that is trying to take everything away from her.

Shaw’s “Broke” Accusations Refuted

Some users have accused Shaw of lying about being broke, while others have criticized Irving for his donation. However, according to Blavity, a representative from Dave’s Gourmet, the parent company of Pink Sauce, released a statement refuting Shaw’s allegations and stating that the company has adhered to the terms of the agreement with her. The statement also mentions that Dave’s Gourmet has paid Chef Pii over $120,000 to date and continues to make all payments as due and on time based on the terms of the contract.

Spectators Not Fond Of Chef Pii’s “Begging”

Despite the positive intentions behind Irving’s donation, both his contribution and Chef Pii’s GoFundMe page have received criticism on social media. Numerous donors have left vile messages directed towards Shaw, questioning her financial situation and suggesting that she find a job.

One Twitter user even accused Shaw of lying about being broke, highlighting that Irving donated over $24,000 to her and she has received $10,000 a month for the past year, totaling $120,000. The user questioned how Shaw could claim to be broke when she benefited from such substantial payments and yet failed to prioritize her children.

How It All Started

In August 2022, Chef Pii secured a brand deal with Dave’s Gourmet for her viral Pink Sauce. The condiment became available for purchase on and in 4,000 locations nationwide.

Kyrie’s History Of Philanthropy

Kyrie Irving’s donation to the GoFundMe page is not an isolated incident of his generosity. He has previously donated substantial sums of money to causes and individuals in need. In July 2023, he donated $40,000 to a 93-year-old woman fighting to keep her family’s land, which has been owned since the Civil War. According to NetsDaily, Irving’s total known donations were nearing $500,000 in December 2022.

Kyrie Irving Accused of Anti-Semitism

Kyrie Irving has faced controversy himself, including a suspension from the NBA for making anti-Semitic comments. His actions garnered support from hip-hop legend Kanye West.

No Frauds

Veronica Shaw’s GoFundMe predicament is not an isolated incident for internet figures. In May 2022, the family of controversial internet sensation Kevin Samuels revealed that an impersonator had started a fraudulent GoFundMe campaign on his behalf.

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